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Greens of Haligonia is a small but thriving urban sprout farm located in the North End of Halifax Nova Scotia. Our first time sprouting was in a small kitchen window while living in Toronto, Ontario. Sprouting changed our lives: we found that no leafy greens could compare to the crunch and taste of fresh sprouts grown right on our window sill.

After graduating from university, we came back to Nova Scotia with a desire to contribute to Halifax’s local food movement. We wanted to start a farm, but we didn't have the land or the capital. We didn't give up, though: we decided to simply start with what we had. We knew how to sprout, and we realized there were very few sprouts being grown locally. We had found our niche! In November 2012 we were in business. Our first deliveries were to Local Source Market, a wonderful little store just five minutes from where we were sprouting. Each week we would deliver the sprouts on foot. It felt great to provide food to our local community!

Soon enough, word spread and our sprouts began to build a reputation for themselves. First one store would inquire, then a restaurant, and before we knew it our little business had taken off. You can currently find our sprouts at Local Source Market, Pete’s Halifax, Pete’s Bedford, Noggins at Alderny Market, Fruition at the Seaport Market, Organic Earth Market, and Home Grown Organics. We also provide sprouts to many restaurants on the Halifax Peninsula and in Dartmouth. We only use organic certified seeds from Mumm’s Sprouting Seeds - we think they are the best sprouting seeds in the country! (sprouting.com).

We want people to know that growing your own food is easy - whether it’s herbs on your windowsill, rhubarb in your backyard, or tomatoes in your local community garden. All it takes is a little effort, and the results are delicious! Your belly, your community and the planet will all thank you. :)